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Monday, August 8, 2011

weird encounter

what other people think of me is none of my business~it is about them not me

I had the strangest Sunday encounter.
Went to brunch with a group of co-workers at Trump's in Palos Verdes
The weather was perfect, the place breathtaking, the food to die for!
champagne flowing, chocolate fountain, beautiful sushi, oysters on the half shell and prime rib.
should have been fun right?
well ever been around someone who challenges everything you say? I was sitting next to someone who thought she knew me but the picture in her head about who am am was false yet she was fighting to prove that her thoughts about me were true.
things I talk about are family, running , food and sometimes if the conversation goes to religion I should bite my tongue.
I should never discuss religion or politics
anyway it came up and I mentioned I love to run and meditate those are things I do
she basically called me a liar.
I was raised Catholic and now while I am a spiritual person I am not religious.
I also took up running in 2009 when I joined an on-line community called http://www.transformation.com/  and as a group we ran the Denver Half Marathon
her idea of me did not include mediation or running
but that is who I am ??
could I waste time and energy convincing her of who I am ?
I choose not to care to change her, I will just BE.
I find peace in no longer engaging in heated dialogue I don't care to go there. I am happy just being me end of story!


JW said...

True quotes here! While we know it's true, of course it is still discerning being misunderstood. I know I can't stand that feeling. Learning to allow it is freeing though, isn't it? You are a beautiful being! :)

PenWyze said...

Gracious! I can totally relate to the frustration of having people determined to define me, and then fight tooth and nail to convince me they know me better than I know myself. But, I no longer waste my time trying to get them to "get me". I DO keep my distance from them, however, and then also seek to notice how I, myself, might do the same to people or religion, or whatever. Enjoy your week.