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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

running and stuff

I am not running these days so not much to say about that subject
except with 130 days until Los Angeles Marathon rolls around I better get out there again

I haven't run since about a week before Halloween. My last run was a 9 miler and my left hip and lower back ached for about 2 weeks. So I have been swimming.  Childhood echoes of my nickname seaweed head due to green tinge of my hair from swimming endless hours on swim team haunt my 51 year old memories. I need to keep active and the pool fit the bill for a minute but I want to run.

My 15 year old daughter is on Cross Country and wants me to run the Turkey Trot with her. Anyone that has a teenager would understand how priceless it is for her to want to do this with me so of course I will!!

Speaking of teenagers well just don't speak of them ........

ok pause breathe..........I certainly gave my parents a run for there money so karma is a bitch

finding this moment to reset allow my teens to be teens and well I need to take care of me now

what I know
running is good for my well being it is where I find peace and joy

so going to put away my swimsuit for awhile and lace up my shoes and I hope to see you on the trails, beach and streets


Living Well said...

Karma, sweet karma... I gave my parents a run for their money, too. Take care of yourself running. Good job on the swimming even though it wasn't your first choice. Was there something about the way you ran that hurt you? Have a great night!

greydawn said...

Janelle I think that I need to avoid running on concrete like bike path and sidewalks and run on trails/beaches and asphalt and of course stretching would help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheridan! My husband, who is a long distance runner like yourself was having the same issues in his back, hip, and now plantar F. He has resorted to biking and is having the time of his life doing it, but he still longs to get back to running soon. I guess when you have the running bug in you, it stays there! Hope your trails become softer, and your hips become pain free!! ~Elizabeth~ (I've started a new blog over here, but am having tech difficulties -- I hope to have it up and running soon)