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Sunday, December 18, 2011

reflections on yesterday

this blog will be endless reflection of the prior day

I got to work at 1 of my jobs, and had the thought that while I know how to do this job well and I do it at 2 hospitals within 2 different models I do not like it. I am happy I have 2 jobs to compare the different aspects of each to each other but it just made it clear more quickly that it is not what I will be doing in 3 years. I prefer to be a teacher a Diabetic educator to be specific. So with that intention out there I continue on doing my jobs but my mind is set on me being a teacher. It is not so much about doing more about the feelings when I am being in all areas of my life. I ramble here but hey it is my blog! I may clean, wash and cook...what I am doing today but I am being a Mom and all of my 3 children are home for a few weeks I couldn't be happier!

Who I am being while I am doing whatever I do is what makes me content. Because when you change your perspective everything changes and really nothing appears to have changed except it really has in a huge way.

I intend to be a teacher very soon and in the meantime I hold that intention all day in every interaction.

I walked up and down stairs all day at work 7 story hospital.

egg burrito coffee
salad with cottage cheese at work (huge win for me usually burger and fries)
work party I ate a few bites of appetizers and had a lemon drop martini

today is a new day and no work all my time to myself and family getting ready for Christmas!

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I'm Jackie... said...

You will make an awesome teacher and following your heart and passion will make you a very powerful and happy teacher. Family is precious and I love the beauty of your priorities. Merry Christmas, my friend. I count you as one of my blessings. Love ya!