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Monday, May 14, 2012


I recently broke free from addiction: Facebook and an on-line fitness support community. I am currently going through the uncomfortable feelings of missing these habits. I am not saying that Facebook and on-line support groups are evil, just that for me it was time to let go.
Time is precious and I was wasting it comparing myself to others and not getting much done. Hours of looking at photos and reading blogs turned into hours, days, weeks of wasted time.
These habits initially were purposeful and felt right but eventually over took my life as a preferred way of spending time, bad idea!
Habits are created for a reason. I was bored, with out purpose and felt disconnected. Did online communities fill that void? Kind of, but not really. So these days as I struggle not to just go back to these old habits instead I am allowing myself to be still and bear the discomfort of quiet. Try to develop healthier habits.
One of my newest habits is walking twice a day with my puppy. As a child I would walk everywhere. I loved to walk. My mothers car was not that reliable, as a child so I had to walk to everything, swimming lessons were 2 miles away for example. School 1 mile if you missed the bus. Also most of my childhood we did not have a TV so walking was a form of entertainment.
I walked a great deal and thought about things or talked and walked with one of my brothers or sisters.
So I am going to endure the discomfort of leaving these not so healthy habits behind and walk much much more.

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