Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I hate Facebook

I have recently de-activated my Facebook account.
 I made an impulse decision about a month ago to de-activate my account without telling anyone even my family and closest friends. I just did it for me because I am addicted to the site. I would post endless pictures and comment and stare at everyone's posts. I would see who was doing what with who when and how.....but I was doing none of that. I was sitting on a chair staring into a screen and doing almost nothing. I had to take care of myself I had to de-activate. It had unintended consequences. I thought I was taking care of myself but I hurt people by not sharing what I was doing.
People I love thought I doing something to them, my family and friends were hurt. So that is why I hate Facebook.
I dont have the self control to use the site. Like an alcoholic who can not even take a little sip of wine I as a Facebook addict can not go on the site, ever.
I had to pop in and apologize but I can not go back on ever. I sure hope this Facebook runs its course and dies like myspace did!
Not going on Facebook after spending hours each day on there has not been easy. Many many times I wanted to re-activate my account but then I remember I cant. I am addicted.

Since I de-activated my account I have been thinking, walking, riding, running, cleaning, planning parties, organizing my house, planting my garden and really just have been enjoying my life more.
I stopped comparing myself to everyone, worried why I wasn't invited to the random events I saw photos of, stopped knowing more about people than was necessary. I have to say life is good.
Have you ever considered how Facebook has impacted your life?

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