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Monday, June 10, 2013

Redondo Beach Sprint Triathlon 2013

My first Triathlon

My boss is an full ironman finisher and she inspired me to sign up for this event.
Her positive strong energy is contagious so even with life long fear of death by sea creature I registered for the event about 5 months ago and started training.

I can run but I am slow, really slow.....6 hour marathon slow.
I can bike but I am slow, really slow......6 hour 62 miler slow.
I can swim but haven't for years and I am rusty and slow.
I am terrified of drowning or getting eaten by a shark or giant squid, paralyzingly terrified.

So this decade, my 50's I am facing my fears and doubts head on. Taking massive action getting out there!

First time in the ocean in early May I had a panic attack couldn't breathe and bolted straight back to the safe sand! My ironman friend coached and helped me and week after week she spent hours helping me plan adjusting my plan and helping me again. She is an amazing coach! And she placed first in out age group!

Here is a video of me finishing the swim I put on YouTube no idea how to link it here.


Swim 21:50. I did breast stroke, not sure why I never practiced that way. I would have gone faster with front crawl.
(wtf so slow)

T1 4:49
( was I taking a nap??). I had to run up the hill peel off my full wetsuit rinse sand off my feet and put on my shoes and shoes and helmet....it took way too long!

Bike 24:46
(Sunday sight seeing?)see I told you I am slow! I don't even have fancy clip bike shoes rode in my running shoes

T2 1:10 since I rode in my running shoes T2 was fast, like this!
(Now that's decent)

Run 20:26 again I ran slow since it was only 2 miles I should have run faster, but it was a weird run up stairs over curbs and steep uphill finish.
( really?? don't do marathon pace when it's only 2 miles you idiot)

I will be back, God willing, because now I am obsessed with doing all three activities. It is a healthy addiction!